Brian and Nick
The video is popular and […] you should watch it if you want to be cool. Time Magazine
I've watched them many many times, and I have a very special place for "Teamwork" in my heart. These guys are the guys. Joss Whedon
High production value, good writing, good acting, action, drama, romance, plot twists and gratuitous violence. Nicely done. IFC
Perfect timing and inexhaustible likability. Huffington Post
I should mention that Nick and I are both a little bit drunk. Comedy Nerds Podcast Interview
Intricate, ambitious and stunningly silly. Time Out New York
Kings of dot comedy. G4TV
Compelling, cerebral, and silly. The Onion AV Club
BriTANick’s performance at last year’s Sketchfest was nothing short of utterly brilliant. The Onion AV Club
The duo's videos are not only funny, but look professional, too. Variety
I don't know if gorillas have a femoral artery, but if [...] I was coaching the squirrels I'd say you want to get to that femoral artery as quickly as possible Craccum Magazine Interview
This is where Brian gets most of his music from: Weird Al compilation CDs, sound effects mixes, and Ugly Betty promos. Poop or Chocolate Interview
Being able to say 'I don't think that's funny'. Making Of Interview